Types of services we offer at Safe Harbor Counseling Institute:

Family Counseling

Therapy for families

The family is the first layer of support for each person. Our services include family and group therapy.

Marriage Counseling

Therapy for couples

We believe a strong marriage is the base of a healthy foundation. We have experienced professionals that specialize in couple’s counseling.

1-on-1 Counseling

Therapy for individuals

Get help for personal issues such as anxiety, insomnia, drug and alcohol counseling, etc. We’re here to support your personal journey.

Distress or Grief Counseling

Therapy for extreme situations

Get expert support for grief of losing a loved one, dealing with a sickness, depression or trauma.

Postpartum Depression

Therapy for new moms

Get help for new moms that are experiencing mood swings, overwhelm, or other signs of Postpartum Depression.



We respect and welcome every belief. We simply make it possible for you to openly discuss your spirituality in relation to your mental health.